• <p>Patient care <br /><strong><span class="green">comes first</span></strong></p>

    Patient care
    comes first

  • <p>Enriching lives through <br /><strong><span class="green">efficiency &amp; expertise</span></strong></p>

    Enriching lives through
    efficiency & expertise

  • <p>We are all about <br /><strong><span class="green">innovative</span></strong> solutions</p>

    We are all about
    innovative solutions

  • <p>Always committed to <strong><span class="green">an extra mile</span> </strong><br />in the high quality care</p>

    Always committed to an extra mile
    in the high quality care

  • <p>Our <strong><span class="green">commitment</span></strong> to <br />enhanced patient care</p>

    Our commitment to
    enhanced patient care

  • <p>Changing lives through <br /><strong><span class="green">clinical excellence</span></strong></p>

    Changing lives through
    clinical excellence

  • 21 Aug 2019
    Les douleurs à l’épaule savoir identifier la cause pour un meilleur traitement

    Les douleurs à l’épaule touchent un grand nombre de Mauriciens, aussi bien les hommes que les femmes, qu’ils soient jeunes ou âgés. Le Dr Darem Lim Fa…

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  • 19 Aug 2019
    Atelier de périnatalité : la Clinique Darné s’engage pour la santé des mamans

    La naissance d’un enfant est une expérience unique marquant à jamais la vie de la maman, du papa et tout l’environnement familial qui gravite autour d…

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  • Conférencier: Dr Suleiman Shimjee
  • Date : jeudi 26  septembre 2019
  • Heure: 14h00 a 15h00
  • Lieu: Bloc administratif, 1er étage, Clinique Darné, Floréal
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  • Hello, I wish to thank you for my last stay at the clinic. The staff has been amazing & made my stay comfortable. Special thanks to Mr. Balakee through whom the admission went smoothly. Special thanks also to the staff from the 2nd floor, particularly Mrs. Dooshi, Mrs. Suroop, Mrs. Anju & Mrs. Mudoo; without whom my stay wouldn't have been agreeable, these nurses are fabulous ladies working so hard. I hope that the clinic has worked on a system to reward hard-working staff, these nurses who took care of me did an incredible job.

    Nathalie Legris
  • Hats off Dr Faisal. He is an exceptional person with an exceptional heart. He gives such heartwarming and palliative care to cancer patients and gives moral support to immediate families members - wich helped us a lot - May God protect him always and give him strength to carry on the wonderful job that he's doing now and in the future. He's an outstanding example for others to follow.

    Farzana Dossa Lal Mahomed
  • Hi Farzana... Thanks for your support in Avnish's speech therapy. You did a wonderful job.

    Veena Dookhee Dhurmea