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  • Hello, I wish to thank you for my last stay at the clinic. The staff has been amazing & made my stay comfortable. Special thanks to Mr. Balakee through whom the admission went smoothly. Special thanks also to the staff from the 2nd floor, particularly Mrs. Dooshi, Mrs. Suroop, Mrs. Anju & Mrs. Mudoo; without whom my stay wouldn't have been agreeable, these nurses are fabulous ladies working so hard. I hope that the clinic has worked on a system to reward hard-working staff, these nurses who took care of me did an incredible job.

    Nathalie Legris
  • Hats off Dr Faisal. He is an exceptional person with an exceptional heart. He gives such heartwarming and palliative care to cancer patients and gives moral support to immediate families members - wich helped us a lot - May God protect him always and give him strength to carry on the wonderful job that he's doing now and in the future. He's an outstanding example for others to follow.

    Farzana Dossa Lal Mahomed
  • The Pharmacy of Fortis Darne clinic is open 24/7, helpful services at night. The dispensers and pharmacist are caring.

    Dwarika Vinay
  • Hi Farzana... Thanks for your support in Avnish's speech therapy. You did a wonderful job.

    Veena Dookhee Dhurmea
  • Unfortunately money is an evil must on earth and without money you are not curable...but I must say about Dr Faizal he is a genius...Excellent human...He soothes the pain and cancer...Hats off for his patience with his patients...He gives life a second chance...and am a colorectal survivor thanks to him and the Almighty Lord...

    Vedita Ramjan
  • Hi Farz,  you are well and you did well at the same time. May you be blessed and have a long life to support our citizens with such defiency.

    Ninsingen Saminaden
  • Je viens par la présente vous informer que je suis passė par le service des urgences le dimanche 3 septembre 2017.

    Je dois vous aviser que le service qui m’a été accordé était très rapide. J’ai toute de suite était pris en charge par Mme Veema, l’infirmière de service ainsi que le Dr Rosette, médecin de garde et de service. Ce dernier m’a bien ausculté.

    J’ai ensuite été transféré à la chambre 203. Le personnel médical et paramédical affectés au niveau deux m’ont bien pris en charge ainsi que le Dr Irshaad Vial, mon médecin traitant de même que Mme Faheema Korumtolee, diététicienne sans compter M. Randy Goppala-Naiken, l’infirmier en charge et Mme Brinda, la Floor Supervisor du deuxième étage.

    Le service a été impeccable comme d’habitude. J’exprime mes sincères remerciements à tout le personnel de la clinique indistinctement.

    Enrico Christopher George Chadien
  • Good services. Very kind and helpful nurses in the maternity department. Keep up the good work! 

    Mu Shula
  • Excellent experience. Very attentive nurses, room and bathroom very clean. 

    Khadeeja Oozeerally Luckhun
  • Good clinique, excellent service. Thank you.

    Zomaharavo Rakotoarijaona
  • Had to take him to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. Hence took him to Fortis Clinique Darne at la Croisette.
    I must say i am very touch by the type of service that is being offered there.
    Very professional service and also the team there was really helpful.
    There was a certain Dr R Joomun. I must say she is an asset for this clinic. She console my son, and try to comfort him. My son was much relieve and very easily the doctor had the 5 stitches done. I want to say a big thank you to all the people working over there. Hats off to u all.

    Careemah Kurreembukus-Luckhun
  • Nice staff,with good caring and good doctors also who treat me well,and i've no regrets

    Satish Koonjah
  • Je vous recommande à tous si vous devriez y aller! Bon courage à tous à un de ces jours peut être

    Mireille Rajao
  • Treatement and services given to me was according to my expectation.. I'm fully satisfy ..Thanks to all ur personal .. specially to those who was looking after me..

  • Good and friendly service.

    Christian Gregor
  • The staff at the Preventive Health Lounge are very helpful and always to guide you to the direct person for my next check ups and a big thanks to Virginie Genève for she was the person that contacted and exchange information on how my check up will be done. Thanks also to the doctors and Nurse, Doctor S. Maurice – E.N.T. Surgeon, the ECG doctor.

    Binna Dogley
  • Big thanks to everyone (the doctors,the ICU team and the staff on the 3rd floor). Helpful staff and excellent service during my stay...these 2 months...

    Vedita Jeebun Mandary
  • Excellent service and warm welcome . Two years ago my right knee was swolling and full of water they have done what they have to be done and by last year i restart tennis . THANK YOU .

    Ti Zorzes
  • Un grand merci à toutes les personnes qui ont pris soins de moi pendant mon hospitalisation. Un énorme merci au Dr Gérard Crepet

    Anais Coundial
  • I would thank whole team from level 4 and all the doctors I did my operation in February 2015

    Hurdyal Vishal
  • Fortis clinic darner is the best in mauritius

    Devesh Ramchurn Aro
  • Excellent service

    Ralhan Dauhajee
  • First class

    Ashley Beharee
  • Underwent surgery there.. C'est bien.. :)

    Analya Mounsmie
  •  Good

    Pwinces Angel Falisha
  • Un grand merci et bravo pour les staff de la Maternite et du Nursery. Une equipe tres profesionelle, motivee et caring. Vraiment chapeau les filles. vous m'avez trop chouchouter pendant mon sejour chez vous [18-19 sept 2016]. Restez comme vous etes car les patients ont bien besoin de vous. Vous etiez vraiment formidable.

    Nadia Duval
  • Le personnel de cette clinique de jour est formidable , et Tres compétent !!
    Merci docteur Tennant !!

    Sophie Gajdzinski
  • Le personnel de cette clinique de jour est formidable , et Tres compétent !!
    Merci docteur Tennant !!

    Corine Darbon
  • Years back the Darné clinic was always on top efficiency wise, reputation wise and above all personnel wise. As a regular patient here, without any hesitation I’ll like to recommend, whoever need advice and or treatment to strongly believe in CLINIQUE DARNÉ, as you guys have been improving in every fields each and every year.

    Whether my family members or myself, the personnel here has always made us simply felt AT HOME. You have always been that big moral boost and support for all patients, my personal experience. Thanks loads to each and every staff of CLINIQUE DARNÉ  for everything. Keep it up, may God bless you all.

    Ramgoolam G
  • I and my family are giving special thanks to Fortis Clinique Darné to the capable, surgeon, Doctors to each and everyone who participated in making my surgery successful . Thanks to God brings great Doctors in your hospital. Being a patient of (2), second floor room number 206, I thanks each and everyone for their hospitality and welcoming fellows with smile and so willing to give a helping hand which seems to me as a great gift, so solicitors and caring. I want to let you know how much I appreciated their willingness, handiwork healing amazingly well on my way to recovery.

    Keep it up, the excellent work, God has blessed your staffs for their compassionate heart, warmness and kindness shown toward me, I am so grateful to thanks for all.

    Mr Kemraz Kisto
  • Je voudrais remercier tous les membres du personnel de la clinique Darné,  sans exception, pour leur bienveillance envers les patients.

    J'ai été moi admise le 20 novembre, j'ai été bien traitée. Merci pour le bon travail et un merci spécial à mon médecin traitant Dr Doolub et les infirmières.

    Je voulais vous dire que lorsque j'étais au way care,  il y avait pas de chambre libre j'étais surprise par un de vos médecins, elle était française je crois, mais je me suis pas nommé. J'ai l'enthousiasme de savoir qui vient de Madagascar. Tout ça pour toi que sa voix m'a aussi rassurée et j'ai oublié que j'étais malade.

    Mille mercis et bonne continuation



    Daniella Frivet