Discharge Process

The discharge process involves several processes which might take up to 3 hours to complete. Please note that there are a lot of elements involved, e.g. results of any radiological or laboratory investigations, medications, or doctor’s confirmation which might delay the process. However, our team will aim at minimizing your waiting time.

Your nurse and the Floor Coordinator will assist you in the process. An approval from your doctor is required to start your discharge process. However, the rate of your recovery may hasten or delay the actual date of your discharge. You are required to clear all outstanding bills at the cashier on the day that your doctor advises you to go home. If you are covered by a medical insurance, we will need your Insurance to send us the final letter of guarantee before we can complete your discharge process.

The nurse will hand over your discharge summary and will also explain the medications you need to continue after your discharge and any other follow-up instructions. In case you need a medical ambulance to drop you at your home, then please inform your nurse and necessary arrangements will be made.