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Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

Patient's Rights

  • Right to refuse treatment
  • Right to impartial access to care
  • Right to personal safety & security
  • Right to have your privacy respected
  • Right to suggest or express your grievances
  • Right to be informed of hospital rules & regulations
  • Right to know the identity and professional status of the doctors and nurses
  • Right to consult with other specialist(s) empanelled at the clinic
  • Right to receive a copy of your relevant tests / investigations prior to departure
  • Right to follow the treatment plan recommended
  • Right to designate a support person of your choice, but is not limited to a family member, or a friend
  • Right to provide accurate and complete information about your medical complaints, past illnesses, hospitalisations, medications, pain, and other matters relating to your health
  • Right to respect & dignity
  • Right to privacy & confidentiality
  • Right to receive help whenever needed
  • Right to explanation for all items in the bill
  • Right to information regarding the diagnosis and treatment
  • Right to be involved in the decision making process of your care
  • Right to explanation of the need to transfer elsewhere for continuity of care
  • Right to accept and acknowledge the consequences in case of refusal of treatment
  • Right to have your regular doctor or a family member notified that you are in the hospital
  • Receive compassionate care, be treated politely and with consideration, no matter what your age, race, ethnicity, culture, color, national origin, language, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, appearance, socio-economic status, physical or mental disability, religion, or diagnosis 

Patient Responsibilities

  • To provide accurate and complete information about your medical complaints, past illness, hospitalisations, medications, pain and other matters relating to your health
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by those responsible for your care
  • To accept the consequences in-case of refusal of treatment from your care giver
  • To pay your bills promptly before leaving the clinique
  • To be considerate of the rights of other patients
To provide professional health services in a caring and friendly environment