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Vaccination Center

Located on the ground floor, the Preventive Health Check Lounge also serves as a Vaccination Centre, offering all main vaccines for international travel.

Clinique Darné's Vaccination Centre is in line with the hospital's philosophy of providing a personalised level of care, ensuring at the same time that the hospital caters for all health needs, all under one roof. Strategically situated in the Plaine Wilhems, it offers a much-awaited alternative to all Mauritians, especially those residing in any part over of the island.

Clinique Darné is registered with the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life as an accredited Vaccination Centre. The centre is manned by a dedicated team trained to respond to any queries or concerns patients may have.

Upon vaccination, patients are issued a stamped vaccination card, which will help maintain a record of all their previous vaccinations and will be internationally recognised. Subsequently, travel advice and counseling are also provided.