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Oncology is a branch of medicine dealing with tumours (cancer). Clinique Darné is equipped to diagnose and treat patients with cancer, from leukaemia to sarcoma. Our step in curing cancer brings us to providing the latest chemotherapy treatment as well as post treatment recovery components in our dedicated 2-bedded facility.

Cancer Psychosocial Rehabilitation Support Care Services 

Receiving Cancer diagnosis is an emotional blow that can leave patients reeling and struggling to cope. Clinique Darné has at heart the comfort and the wellness of each patient and provides the support services of a Psycho-Socio-Beautician Free of Cost along with education resources to help patients and their families manage a cancer diagnosis and become active participants in the healing process.

The Psycho-Socio-Beautician will be collaborating closely with our Doctors and Nurses in the management of Cancer Patients. She will be using a therapeutic one-to-one approach to help all those threading the difficult path of Cancer Treatment.

Importance & Role of a Psycho-Socio-Beautician in your Cancer Care: 

  • New tool in supportive care in regards to the « modifying body appearance »
  • Establish patient needs on the Bio-Psycho-socio-esthetics aspect
  • Contribute to wellness, restore self-esteem and identity, and body image
  • Therapeutic aim: social, psychological, educational, readjustment
  • Support the family and the person around the patient

Services Provided:

  • Stress & anxiety management
  • Empathic listening to let go and share fear and problems
  • Transmitting key messages to the multidisciplinary team
  • Provides advice on skin care after radiotherapy/chemotherapy/adapted massages/alternatives to body modification/make up/ adapted treatments

“Empowering with Care”

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